What We Do


Brian’s previous experience (some of which has been featured) includes a diverse range of irrigation projects across several sectors including:


  • Distribution system for under tree drip irrigation of treated waste water from CSG mining
  • Pumping and pipe work designs
  • Design water treatment plants

Commercial Projects

  • Northshore Multi Sports fields
  • Maroochy Multisports complex stage 1 & 2
  • Unity Water – Maleny effluent disposal system, to disperse effluent out from treatment plant
  • Many parks and gardens for local council, Stockland and private developers
  • Subdivision work, including pumping, filtration and automatic irrigation systems
  • Large pipe work design for Gympie Regional Council for town water supply
  • Irrigation systems around many commercial buildings, high rise, tourist resorts and innumerable others

Agricultural Projects

  • Pump and centre pivot systems
  • Pump and travelling irrigator designs
  • Pump and solid set irrigation systems for pasture
  • Pump and irrigation systems for under tree irrigation for orchards
  • Pump and irrigation systems for drip irrigation systems
  • Pump and drip/sprinklers irrigation systems for strawberries farms
  • Pump and filtration pipe work design for chicken farmers
  • Misting system and outside irrigation and filtration system for nurseries
  • Pump, filtration and pipe work designs for stock reticulation
  • Design large and small pumping and filtration systems


  • Design irrigation systems around private houses
  • Design submersible bore pump systems to supply water to houses, stock and irrigation systems
  • Design pumps, pipe work and filtration systems for private houses

Irrigation Control Systems

  • Standard hard wired
  • Decoder
  • Stand-alone Satellite
  • 240v Radio Controlled
  • Solar Powered Radio Control
  • Manual Operation
  • Variable Speed Pump Control
  • Radio Controlled Tank Fill and Pump Start
  • PLC Based

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