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Project: Unity Water Maleny Sewage Treatment Plant and Wetlands
Role: Irrigation Designer
Design Brief: Design irrigation system to disperse 1 mega litre per day of treated effluent through an automatically controlled irrigation system, the effluent will be dispersed into a newly planted forest. The system included PLC control system which was linked to an onsite weather station, and soil moisture sensors located around the total irrigated area.
Project Size: 300k system for 1ML/day of irrigation.
This project won the prestigious 2015 United Nations World Environment Day Award for ‘Best Specific Environmental Initiative’ over five other finalists from across Australia.

Maleny sewerage  Sewerage treatment

Advanced treatment solutions Treatment Maleny

Project: Santos Surat Basin CSG Forestry Irrigation
Role: Plant and Irrigation Designer
Design Brief: Design and create the world’s first CSG water treatment plant, to treat the existing raw incoming CSG water, to re-use CSG water for forestry irrigation, the plant incorporated ozone precipitation of iron, SAR amendment and automated filtration and PLC control systems, including over 600 hectares of drip irrigation, with solar powered radio controlled control system to operate irrigation valves.
Project Size: 20ML/day and over 600 hectares of drip irrigation.
Project Value: $22M

Many tanks Field irrigation

Project:Santos Surat Basin RO & CSG Relocatable Water Treatment and Disposal Project (x2)
Role: Plant Designer
Design Brief: Design a relocatable water treatment plant to correct the Coal Seam Gas (CSG) water to a level to deliver irrigation quality water under EPA (EHP) licence that will fit within the confines of shipping containers to be used on various sites.
Details: The shipping container plant was designed to correct the water pH, Conductivity, and disinfection levels. This then was blended automatically using a valve system with water supplied by a separate RO plant. Following the blending process, it would be pumped from the plant to a dam, where a separate irrigation pump unit would pump it out through a centre pivot irrigation system onto pasture for farming.
Project Size: 3ML/day
Project Value: $6M
This project produced an Australian-first fully relocatable RO desalination plant capable of treating water of varying quality and salt content. This plant can be decommissioned from one site, relocated to another and be fully operational within five working days.

Surat Basin water treatment

Project: Sandstone Lakes, Ningi
Role: Irrigation Designer
Design Brief: Design irrigation system for garden and turf areas of the streetscape, including pump and filtration systems as marked on accompanying illustrations.
Project Size: 6 Hectares.

Sandstone Point  Sandstone Lakes irrigation