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Committed to providing irrigation design and planning solutions that will meet clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. With a wealth of experience across a diverse range of projects, Total Irrigation Consultancy can assist in all areas of irrigation planning and design from concept to completion. Total Irrigation Consultancy can assist in creating design solutions that deliver cost effective, highly efficient and environmentally sound irrigation systems. Managing Director, Brian Paull, has over 30 years’ experience in irrigation consultancy and design and is committed to ensuring Total Irrigation Consultancy clients receive comprehensive advice and exceptional service.

Brian has gained a reputation for delivering design solutions that exceed client expectations, contributing to many highly successful, innovative and award-winning project outcomes. As an independent irrigation design consultant and planner, Brian offers specialised design and CAD drawing services to small and mid-scale contractors, suppliers and consultancy organisations in the delivery of bespoke projects. Brian’s key capabilities and experiences include:

  • Over 30 years’ industry experience including Australian Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, Domestic and Australian Mining for irrigation of agricultural crops and farms, landscape maintenance, industrial water and effluent dispersal and treatment and for general storage, dispersal, disposal and drainage.
  • Qualified specialist in consultancy services with recognised training and certification in AutoCAD design software and IRRICAD Pro design software and proficiency in SPACE and MS Office Suite.
  • A totally independent consultant with no commercial obligations; able to offer clients sound, comprehensive, honest and unbiased advice based on considerable industry knowledge and experience.
  • Able to work collaboratively and cooperatively with individuals and teams to realise project concepts – providing inspiration, feedback, guidance and service, and ultimately, successful results.
  • Australian industry knowledge and connections enabling clients access to services for the maintenance and effective use of their newly operational system such as training, auditing and scheduled programmed maintenance

Additional services offered include:

  • GPS survey mapping using Hemisphere equipment capable of logging x/y/z co-ordinates from field measurements to an accuracy of 30cm
  • Development and implementation of procurement programs relative to the project execution schedule
  • Preparation of responses to formal requests, invitations and tenders
  • Accumulation of a full Bill of materials can be supplied with the design if required
  • As constructed drawings to illustrate existing irrigation works and obstacles

All drawings are produced to the standard required by the client but include the capability to produce output to AS 1100.101-1992 -1994 Technical Drawing – General Principles Read more….
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